Special Presentation Entrapment


  • 3D acrylic entrapment
  • Integrated lighting
  • Fabricated acrylic and mat board
  • Easily ship for presentation
  • Product branding and recognition




When Walgreens Drug Stores was recognized by Fast Company as one of the Worlds 50 Most Innovative Companies and Top 10 companies in the healthcare industry, recognition and awards were in order. Walgreens innovative wellness program is an industry leader. Articles and photographs are wide spread. Walgreens wanted to capture and show off the accolades for all to see, in a custom display. They thought the solution to keeping it all alive was to embed the photos and articles in acrylic. Embedding a product in acrylic is tricky business and in the case of paper, the paper absorbers the liquid materials when casting.


The best choice is to entrap the document, similar to framing a photograph. Benchmark Displays creative design team reproduced the photographs and awards. Taking the Agency’s vision Benchmark created an acrylic entrapment. Measuring twenty-four inches square and approximately an inch deep, the multi layer entrapment with laser cutouts rests in a supporting stand. The unique design pops in 3D.

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