K&N Filters


  • Custom Designed
  • Fabricated Acrylic
  • Illuminated Switch
  • Custom Wiring
  • Custom Screen Print


K&N Filters is a renowned performance parts company that provides one of the most widely used air filters in the automotive world.


Everyone wants to get the best mileage possible, in order to save money in the operation of their vehicle. A clean air filter is crucial in increasing a car’s performance and fuel economy. The cheaper, mass produced air filters are meant to be used then thrown away. The environmental impact is not lost here either. Using a reusable air filter with an unlimited lifetime can eliminate over 100 million disposable filters that would find their way into our nations land fill, every year.

A clean air filter is less restrictive. A low restriction filter takes less energy for the air to move, and that’s where drivers save money. K&N Engineering develops these reusable cotton air filters, specifically designed to allow an engine to receive the optimal amount of air flow.

The leader in high performance air filters wanted to show just how revolutionary this product is. K&N turned to Benchmark to produce its point of sale filter demo unit.


K&N Engineering has sold millions of replacement cotton air filters and even backs the product with a 1 million mile limited warranty.
The K & N display demo unit shows that not all custom displays or air filters are created equal.

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