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We bring talent, expertise, tools and processes to ensure your custom display will captivate and showcase your product with style and functionality.

Benchmark Displays’ time tested, operations and management group brings a century of combined experience to the coordination and manufacturing of promotional literature and retail product displays. Products are created for a broad array of designers, distributors and end user customers across the USA.

Benchmark Displays allows retailers to make better use of selling space by creating innovative, one-of-kind solutions.  Our global capabilities enable us to support our diverse customer base and respond to marketing challenges with ease.

From concept to completion, we are committed to keeping your costs down and delivering a creative display solution with eye-catching counter appeal.

If you can imagine it, we can create it.

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24 Hour Prototyping

At Benchmark Displays, the typical collaboration process with our customers and prospects involves a conversation about design and budget objectives, cost estimates for various options...

Cardboard and Corrugated Products

Benchmark Displays Cardboard and Corrugated ProductsToday’s earth-conscious and sustainable product focus has elevated the status of displays that can be recycled when discarded and/or are made of recycled paperboard materials. Add to this component...

CNC Routing

CNC or Computer Numerically Controlled routing is the longhand way of saying, “this machine is programmed and controlled digitally to perform and repeat a complex process with perfect consistency...

Assembly and Fulfillment

In many cases, we can assemble and pre-pack your product and associated components together, then drop ship everything to your clients at a fraction of the cost to transport and handle...

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