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5 Marketing Benefits of Custom Displays

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CrestOralBPallet WhiteI was talking with my sister on the phone the other day, when she interrupted me from her excitement over her recent impulse buy of black, glitter nail polish. She had gone to the store for some soda, when she explained that she saw this new nail polish sign. She’s not terribly familiar with all of the display marketing lingo. Anyway, after some probing, I found out that she was attracted to this new color of polish because of the display.

Custom displays help by providing that “wow” factor. Visuals convey the power of ideas in a way that words alone cannot. The personality of a retail store is not determined by merchandise alone. Custom displays provide the following benefits when properly designed and deployed.


  1. Elevate Your Brand
    A refined custom display will highlight a product’s main features and effectively market the brand name. A great custom display is built according to the marketing strategy and demographic of targeted buyers. Custom displays allow you to have your name on the display to keep front of the consumers mind, even if the product is sold out. This helps reinforce your brand in the offline world.
  2. Versatility
    Customize it to your needs! Acrylic can be cut, shaped and formed to just about any design imaginable. This gives you more choices than other traditional displays. And stands made of Plexiglas come in multiple forms such as cases, stands, racks, wall mounts or holders. The material can be recycled and reshaped into other plastic objects. We also offer more environmentally friendly displays, made of chipboard or corrugated.
  3. Convenience
    In order to provide easy access for consumers, Crest recently came out with a 2-side product display to merchandise its Oral B brand oral care products, for travel use. Similarly, Swiffer had a pallet display produced in order to feature their fully assembled Swiffer starter kits. No assembly needed! The display was designed with a flexible structure to be utilized as an action alley or end-cap display. Acrylic displays can be wall mounted which helps you to reduce clutter and place your valued products at eye level. With custom and stock displays, you can meet the space and décor requirements with the retailer easily and effectively and most importantly, provide shopping convenience for the consumer.
  4. Provide More Information
    Innovative fixtures and custom displays provide a platform to launch new products and services. You can also illustrate interesting information related to offers and benefits available with said product.
  5. Increase Profits
    A sophisticated retail display will increase the perceived value of your product and ultimately make an impact on bottom line profits. Research papers from the Point of Purchase Association International (POPAI) state that at least 70% of product selections are made within the store. Suggestive marketing plays a large role in the way that people shop and purchase goods, even if they are not consciously aware. Impulsive buys usually occur with products on elegant POP displays or counter top displays near the cash register. Custom displays enables companies to capture the attention of new buyers, which will likely lead to repeat customers.

PASONOCO-SWIFFERConsider this. Coke, the NFL, MAC Cosmetics, Bank of America and Proctor & Gamble - just to name a few - are all very familiar with the above benefits and continue to roll out new custom designs.

With over 25 years’ experience, Benchmark Displays is a trusted creative team of custom display manufacturers.

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