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Benchmark's History

Benchmark Displays and the three other operating divisions of its parent company, Benchmark Displays, LLC was the original brainchild of Dick Frohman, along with his wife and partner of 37 years, JoAnne.

After a brief stint in the U.S. Army Intelligence as a Radio Broadcast Specialist and obtaining his business BA at Occidental College in 1961, Dick learned the paperboard packaging business from the ground up at Fibreboard Corporation in San Francisco where integrated operations flowed from tree farms to paper mills and finally to the shelves of retailers coast to coast as display boxes for Barbie dolls and other well known consumer products.

Subsequently, Dick, over the next ten years, bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, formed and ran Precision Paper Box Company, Champion Graphics and South Coast Packaging Associates in Southern California, learning accounting, estimating, sample making and cash flow management in addition to his sales responsibilities.

In 1983, JoAnne and Dick incorporated Taymar Industries, Inc. for the purpose of starting another business, this time in the plastics display field. JoAnne brought, with a flourish, her talent and experience with Pacific Telephone and AT&T to the administrative side of the business while Dick did sales and marketing. Subsequent successes in the design and production of handsome and inexpensive brochure holders led from a single injection molding tool to dozens of brochure holder sizes and styles and four moves over 20 years to ever- larger manufacturing facilities.

Taymar bought Southland Plastic Fabricators in 1985 adding custom fabrication to injection molding, and with it, came a talented young employee, Bonnie Miller, who 27 years later, still a corporate treasure, acts as Vice President, Sales of Benchmark Displays, LLC, the newly formed holding company for Benchmark Displays, Taymar Plastic Displays, Idea Group with its famous Snafooz® foam puzzle and Space Age Americanna the awards and recognition product company, acquired in 2005.

With over 100 years of combined, management, production and customer service experience plus recent infusions of youthful energy and competence, Benchmark is enthusiastically poised for its next round of achievements serving POP and retail space designers, agencies, and end-users in the retail, medical, beauty, financial, hospitality and travel industries just to name a few.

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